About THQ.mx

THQ.mx started out with humble beginings.

It started life as a quest.

What is the absolute shortest domain name,available that I can think of,that i could buy whilst it still having some level of meaning?
you can get random 3 character domains, that are meaningless, quite easily.

but they dont mean anything!

I wanted mine to MEAN something to me at least anywho.
This is VERY difficult to achieve because pretty much all the short normal words are taken!

after lots and lots and lots of searching, i found THQ.mx!

In the end I decided on thq.mx!

To me this stands for (T)oms (H)ead (Q)uarters!

Bingo! a meaningfull really short domain! After messing around with this for sometime i Suddenly realised ....

THQ.mx would be perfect as a FREE URL shortener!

And *BOOM* so it is.